This Japanese New Years Ritual Is the Fresh Start We All Desperately Need

Those tired resolutions that fade by February are no match for the dumpster fire of the last year. Ditch them, because there couldnt be a better time for Japans Oosoujithe Big Cleaning. The Japanese believe that taking unresolved baggage into a new year is unlucky, whether its literal clutter, unfinished business, or damaging thoughts. So … Continued

2020 Quarantine Trends, Ranked

It’s the roundup fit only for 2020.

While we might have made it through nine months of quarantine, it hasn’t been easy. We’ve had our highs—like that glimmer of hope when restaurants reopened for outdoor dining—and we’ve had our lows (yes, I’m referring to that celebrity clad Imagine video). But something that’s stayed consistent through quarantine is our ability to find new and unique ways to stave off boredom. Our collective ingenuity has resulted in some interesting trends. With everything from viral dances to sourdough starters, 2020 has been the year of the “new hobby” (among other things). After rounding up some of 2020’s most popular quarantine trends, we’re looking at which ones will make the cut for 2021.

10 Weird Rock Formations Around the World

Sometimes the best art is rocks.

Rock formations are truly Mother Nature’s art. These ancient sculptures were formed by thousands of years of weather and erosion—they’re too weird and wonderful to have been made by the human mind. This list came straight from the Earth herself. From giant rocks that resemble elephants to whole national parks made up of rocks that look an awful lot like goblins, here are some of the most incredibly strange rock formations in the world.

10 Celestial Events to Plan Your 2021 Around

Stargazers, get your calendars ready.

For as long as humans have walked the earth, we’ve looked to the skies. We’ve relied on the movements and stars of celestial bodies to guide our way, to tell time, and to allow our imaginations to roam. Though there’s always something spiritual about sitting in quiet communion with the cosmos, there are some nights (and a couple of days) where the sky has something extra special for us to see.

10 Super Weird Lizards From Around the World

Who’s that small creep scurrying across the rocks and why is he looking at me as he runs away?

Ah, lizards: nature’s little creeps, running around the wilderness so quickly, you’d swear they just robbed a tiny convenience store. Many of these little guys truly look like if cartoon characters were your actual nightmares while also looking…very cute, actually? Fact: Lizards are generally disorienting, specifically for this reason. From the lizard that looks like a hell-spawned leaf to the lizard that swims through the water looking like a pleasant torpedo, here are the strangest, goofiest, and most oddly endearing lizards from around the world.

15 New Hotels We Can’t Wait To Visit in 2021

Check out the places we’re excited to check in to in the new year.

There’s a lot to look forward to in 2021…if even just the fact that it’s not 2020. But the chance for new adventures, new experiences, and new perspectives offers hope that the year will be a good one…and if the new hotels that are opening in 2021 are any indication of what the new year will look like, we should be in good shape. Check out these 15 hotels we’re already looking forward to visiting in 2021.

Youll Be Astounded by These Untouched Wildernesses in Russia

Russia is home to some of the wildest landscapes you can visit on earth.

Russia is home to many of the world’s remaining wildernesses, from vast frozen plateaus to unending boreal forests. They are full of strange and beautiful natural features—volcanoes rising from the sea, dunes encased in snow, and monumental pillars of rock. Often thousands of miles from cities and towns, they are visited more and more by adventurous tourists looking to experience the ultimate adventure in splendid isolation.