The wonders of Indochina are just waiting for you to discover during this joyful journey. For those who may have previously dipped their toes into South East Asia, this is a chance to delve that little bit deeper into the intriguing Mekong River.
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After exploring Yangon, Myanmar’s largest city, travel to Bagan to board the latest custom-built ship in Scenic’s fleet. Scenic Aura will take you on a very special voyage revealing the vast diversity and richness of the many influences that have shaped Myanmar.
Starting at $7395.00+

Discover the ancient wonders of Athens and the Cyclades’ stunning beauty on this romantic Greek getaway. Stand atop the Acropolis, tour Mykonos by foot and bicycle, relax on Naxos, and toast a glorious Santorini sunset from the deck of a private catamaran.
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Discover a land held sacred by three faiths, visiting places where events recorded in the Bible unfolded, from Jerusalem to Nazareth, on a comprehensive journey that reveals the complex history of the land, its people and sacred sites.
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Discover three distinct regions - majestic Paris, Provence, and the French Riviera - on one comprehensive trip. Tour Paris with a private guide, sip wines at tastings in the Rhône Valley, visit Nice and Monte Carlo, and much more.
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Experience the wonders of Taiwan, China, South Korea, and Japan on one incredible life-altering adventure with a lavish twist. Explore the ancient wonders of Beijing and ultramodern Shanghai, discover diverse Taipei and ever-evolving Seoul, see Tokyo’s funky side in Harajuku, unwind in Kyoto’s elegant shrines, and so much more.
Starting at $17646.00+

Experience centuries of Chinese history in only a few days on this short-yet-surprising adventure. Walk Beijing’s Tiananmen Square and the Forbidden City with a private guide, visit the Great Wall and the Xi’an’s Terra-Cotta Warriors, experience the incredible architecture of Shanghai, and more.
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Journey through time and discover the rare treasures and historic places from China’s past on this captivating tour through Beijing, Xi’an, Pingyao, Yangshuo, and Shanghai. See the Great Wall, tour the Forbidden City, meet the Terra-Cotta Warriors, discover Shanghai’s secrets, and much, much more.
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Experience the wonders of Beijing, Xi’an, Shanghai, and Hong Kong on this stylish journey that covers all of China’s must-see hotspots. Explore the Forbidden City, walk the Great Wall, meet the Terra-Cotta Warriors, cruise the canals near Shanghai, and marvel at eye-popping Hong Kong, all in fine style.
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Experience the natural, cultural, and historical treasures of China on this singular experience honored by National Geographic Traveler. Hike the Great Wall, explore the Forbidden City, meet the Terra-Cotta Warriors, bike Yangshuo’s stunning karsts, watch acrobats in Shanghai, and so much more.
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