Pure Galapagos (Grand Daphne)

06/20/2021 through 12/04/2022
06/20/2021 through 12/07/2022
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Pure Galapagos (Grand Daphne)

Few destinations rival the Galapagos for up-close encounters with wildlife, and this adventure focuses on the stars of the show. Enjoy a pure boat trip that’s free of detours, overnight stopovers and passengers joining or leaving throughout. Stay on the boat and venture to the remotest parts of the archipelago – the west coast of Isla Isabela and Isla Fernandina – and see almost all of the wildlife the Galapagos is famous for. Take the chance to swim and snorkel with sea lions and reef sharks off Isla Santa Cruz and Isla Bartolome; spy frigatebirds, boobies and pelicans soaring above North Seymour or Cerro Dragon; and stroll among land iguanas and flightless cormorants on volcanic Punta Espinosa. When it’s all over, why not stay on for a surf, dive, eco-lodge stay, or some ultimate relaxation on sleepy Sunset Beach.


  • Isla Santa Cruz – Bachas Beach Walk (1 hour) – Wet Landing
  • Isla North Seymour – Walk (2 hours) – Dry Landing
  • Isla North Seymour – Snorkelling (1 hours)
  • Isla Bartolome – Walk (1.5 hours) – Dry Landing
  • Isla Bartolome – Snorkelling (1.5 hours)
  • Isla Santiago – Puerto Egas – Walk (1.45 hours) – Wet Landing
  • Isla Santiago – Puerto Egas – Snorkelling (1 hour)
  • Isla Sanitago – Espumilla Beach – Walk (1.5 hours) – Wet Landing
  • Isla Sanitago – Espumilla Beach – Snorkelling (45 mins)
  • Isla Sanitago – Buccaneer’s Cove – Sail (15 mins)
  • Isla Isabela – Tagus Cove – Walk (1.45 hours) – Dry Landing
  • Isla Isabela – Tagus Cove – Snorkel (1 hour)
  • Isla Fernandina – Punta Espinosa – Walk (2 hours) – Dry Landing
  • Isla Fernandina – Punta Espinosa – Snorkel (1 hour)
  • Isla Isabela – Elizabeth Bay – Panga Ride (2 hours)
  • Isla Isabela – Punta Moreno – Walk and Panga ride (2 hours) – Dry Landing
  • Isla Isabela – Punta Moreno – Snorkel (45min)
  • Isla Isabela – Las Tintoreras visit (1.5 hours) – Dry Landing
  • Isla Isabela – Sierra Negra Volcano Crater Walk (3.5 hours) – Dry Landing
  • Isla Isabela – Los Humedales (Wetlands) – Dry Landing
  • Isla Isabela – Interpretation Center Visit
  • Isla Santa Cruz – Cerro Dragon – Walk (1.5 hours) – Dry Landing
  • Isla Santa Cruz – Punta Carrion – Snorkelling (1 hour)
  • Isla Santa Cruz – Highlands Visit (1 hour) – Dry Landing


  • If there’s one ultimate Galapagos adventure, this is it. Combining off-the-beaten-track gems with iconic sights like the Pinnacle Rock, this trip is a microcosm of the Galapagos
  • This unique, stand-alone sailing adventure shares its itinerary with no other Intrepid trip. Enjoy minimal contact with other travellers and boats
  • Explore the remote west coast of Isabela on a small Panga boat, and venture to the far-west Fernandina, home of the highest density of marine iguanas
  • Beach-lovers will be in heaven. The turtle-dotted Las Bachas is about as idyllic as they come, and the richly coloured sands of Espumilla on your feet feel like nothing else
  • Volcanically active, steeped in myth and flanked by gorgeous cliffs, the old pirate haunt of Buccaneer Cove has something for everyone, from birdwatchers to geology enthusiasts to history buffs
  • Las Tintoreras is like one big wildlife party. Snorkel among the iguanas and turtles and effortlessly spot sea lions, penguins and frigate birds


Day 1 Isla Santa Cruz
Day 2 North Seymour - Bartolome
Day 3 Isla Santiago
Day 4 Isla Isabela - Isla Fernandina
Day 5 Isla Isabela
Day 6 Isla Isabela
Day 7 Isla Santa Cruz
Day 8 Isla Santa Cruz

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