Café Lota

New Delhi

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Café Lota

The hidden artefact of the National Crafts Museum showcases a modern take on regional Indian dishes. Patrons recommend fish and chips (amaranth-encrusted batter-fried sole with sweet potato fries), or 'palak patta chaat' (crispy spinach, potatoes and chickpeas topped with spiced yogurt, green chutney, and pomegranate seeds).


In 2010, Indians drank 837,000 tonnes of tea and 108,000 tonnes of coffee. India has been a nation of tea drinkers for centuries, but in recent decades, coffee has been on the rise. There are cafés all over the place in New Delhi, and big café chains are appearing more and more around the city. However, you will still find small tea shops in every corner where you can grab your daily cup of tea.