Summer House Cafe

New Delhi

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Summer House Cafe

With its wooden furniture and comfortable sofas, Summer House Café is more than a simple coffee shop to grab the morning coffee. The coffeehouse-bar-club-venue hybrid imbibes western culture in their dishes, serving a menu of US and western-style dishes along with an extensive drink menu. The venue also scores bonus points for providing DJ sets nights to keep guests on their toes all night long.

Bars & Nightlife

Alcohol is not deeply ingrained in Indian culture, though New Delhi’s bar culture is fast becoming a world-renowned. The best bars are found in the more upmarket hotels with ordinary drinking holes, still very much all-male affairs. This area of almost 22 million people offers world-class nightlife, often increasingly glitzy and expensive. There are plenty of places to rub shoulders with the rich and beautiful in New Delhi’s hotel clubs and bars. If you are looking for something more traditional, you can also find some of the best in Indian music and dance here.