Xtreme Sports Bar & Grill


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Xtreme Sports Bar & Grill

Watching a game and playing snooker whilst having a drink sounds like a good time to many. Xtreme Sports Bar & Grill is a popular venue for just that, and it also serves great finger food. Don't forget to try one of their cocktails and mocktails, they are made with the freshest ingredients by professional bartenders.

Bars & Nightlife

One of the ways to end a day perfectly is to grab a drink and dance the night away on the dance floor. Whether you want to spend your time at one of the many rooftop bars, lounge by the pool or enjoy the lively atmosphere of a traditional nightclub, you won't have a hard time finding the right place in Hyderabad. The city is famous for making some killer fruit cocktails, so do make sure to try one.