Puri Guliani


Copyright: Marco Verch/Flickr
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Puri Guliani

Puri Guliani is a restaurant, cafe and bakery with loft-style interior, shaded patio with a view over the Mtkvari river. Great any time of day, it is particularly popular for brunch. Baked goods are on point: both savoury Adjarian khachapuri and buttery almond croissants. This cafe is kid-friendly and has a play area upstairs, so adults can have some time to unwind while the young ones are entertained.


After a long day of sightseeing, nothing is better than a good cup of coffee or a flavoured tea, perhaps along with exquisite local pastries, and Tbilisi's cafes offer you all of that, plus some of the most charming views of the old city and the surrounding mountains. Otherwise, if you are up for a glass of wine, you must know that Georgia is considered to be the homeland of wine, so you would better discover the lovely hidden cellars and pop open some of the finest bottles in the region.