Vanuatu Adventure

06/21/2023 through 12/11/2024
06/21/2023 through 12/14/2024
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Vanuatu Adventure

Encounter raw beauty and vibrant culture on the tiny islands of Vanuatu on this eight-day expedition. Leave the resorts of Port Vila behind and fly to rainforest-rich islands where you can meet locals, immerse yourself in nature and enjoy true adventure travel. Encounter communities where kastom – traditional culture and law – still rules, including the legendary John Frum ‘cargo cult’ villages. Snorkel among the gorgeous coral reef that is protected by law. Trek through towering greenery and learn about living among active volcanoes and tropical wilderness. Embrace a side of Vanuatu that few tourists seek out, but one that those who do will never forget.


  • Rentapao River – Kayak tour
  • Rentapao River – Rentapao Cascades
  • Tanna – Rainforest trek
  • Tanna – World’s largest banyan tree
  • Tanna – Mt Yasur volcano crater trek
  • Tanna – John Frum cargo cult villages community visit
  • Tanna – Hot Springs
  • Tanna – Port Resolution
  • Tanna – Kastom village community visit
  • Nguna Island – Community conservation area walk
  • Nguna Island – Tree planting activity
  • Pele Island – Lagoon or Marine Conservation Area snorkelling


  • Encounter the cargo cult communities of Tanna and see for yourself how these indigenous villages have incorporated WWII iconography into their religious traditions.
  • Hike to the rim of Mt Yasur, one of the world’s most active volcanoes, and watch the smoke and lava billowing (from a safe distance, of course).
  • Snorkel in the clear waters around Nguna & Pele and see the remarkable coral reef that is protected as part of a marine reserve.
  • Go beyond the walled-off resorts and discover the beauty and cultures of Vanuatu. Hike, paddle, swim and snorkel in some of the most beautiful places in the tropics.
  • Walk through the towering rainforest to find a banyan tree that is said to be the largest in the world, with hundreds of prop roots that support it.


Day 1 Port Vila
Day 2 Port Vila – Rentapao River
Day 3 Tanna
Day 4 Tanna – Mt Yasur
Day 5 Tanna – Port Vila
Day 6 Pele & Nguna Islands
Day 7 Pele & Nguna Island – Port Vila
Day 8 Port Vila

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